The Old Ruin Of Bisingen Castle

It was built in 1859 by Count György Moconje on his property. In 1888. countess Georgina Moconje brought the estate and castle as a dowry to famous Austro-hungarian noble family Bissingen-Nippenburgh. They kept the castle in possession until the beginning of the Second World War, when it was seized by the state according to the law on nationalization. 

The castle is a one-storey building with elongated rectangular base and symmetrical interior layout. According to the stylistic orientation, the building is classicist, beautifuly and richly decorated, particularly in wrought iron. Facades are characterized by symmetry and classical entrance. The facade facing the park has emphasized central part, connected by terraces. On its top used to be the Bissingen-Nipenburgh family crest.

Before, the entrance to the complex was a gate made of wrought iron, and in the yard were also located a family tomb and a chapel, an artificial lake with a fountain and sculpture in the middle of the stream and bridges. The castle today is classified as a cultural monument of great importance, although it is severely neglected.

The Bisingen Castle is more or less on the verge of collapsing, and of Italian investors, who were supposed to renovate and turn it into a hotel, there is no trace. Count Franz von Bissingen, the only successor of the castle in Vlajkovac, also shown concern over the rapid deterioration of the castle. The Count, who now lives in Germany, filed a request for the return of the property and was even willing to give consent to its renovation by Italians, regardless of the outcome of restitution. But sadly, no progress has been made to this day. 

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