These Spooky Abandoned Sites Around Paris Will Give You Chills

“My architecture photography draws mainly upon the work of Franck Bohbot. The work of David Lachapelle and Lee Jeffries is of great interest to me as well. The most important thing to remember is that it is a risky practice, because of the deterioration of buildings. They are often old buildings, and dying. This means they are dangerous, with unstable floors.”

Here is a snapshot of some of his most haunting shoots.

Abandoned château tucked away in the forest

DSC_0265-min (1)

 Dusty hospitals with rusty wheelchairs
DSC_0264-min (1)

 Ramshackled salons with fraying fauteuil armchairs
DSC_0014-min (1)

 Doctors’ surgeries crumbling in disrepair

 Towering old manors standing in ruins
DSC_0066-min (1)

 Swirling staircases that haven’t been swept in decades

 Impressive wooden interiors now riddled with rot
DSC_0186-min (1)

 Elegant, panelled chambers peeling at the walls

 Cute, vintage cars rusting in the leaves
DSC_0741-min (1)

 Glorious columns now shabby and decayed

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