Pink Victorian Mansion Looks Just Like A Dollhouse — And Inside, It’s Even More Gorgeous

When my sisters and I were younger, my mom used to try to distract us in the car by prompting us to label the houses we were passing by as being “pretty” or “ugly.”

The brighter and gaudier the house, the more likely we would assign it to our highly selective “pretty” list.

In retrospect, my taste in real estate left a lot to be desired, and what was “pretty” to a 3-year-old probably wouldn’t stand the test of time. After all, your dream house can say a lot about your personality, and people can change a lot in 20 years.

Amazingly, this beautiful pink Victorian Mansion might just be the exception to that rule. Sure, it’s pink, but it’s also spectacularly sophisticated, with a history all it’s own!

In other words, this life-sized Barbie Dream House is both kid and adult friendly. Best of all? It’s not made of plastic.

If you like this gorgeous pink Victorian from the outside, just wait until you take a look inside.This beautiful Victorian Mansion is located in Vermont’s capital city, Montpelier.

The exterior of the house matches the green mountain state’s natural beauty, complete with pink paint and charming turrets.

Luckily, the outside of this house is only the beginning.

The pink theme can be seen throughout the house and creates a warm and inviting feeling.

Of course, you’ll notice that the pink isn’t overpowering, and that even the manliest man won’t mind it — especially if he has good taste.

This kitchen exudes a subtle rosy glow that will make anyone feel at home!

This amazing home has six bedrooms and six bathrooms. Anyone who has ever had to share a bathroom can rejoice in that ratio.

It sits on .39 acres of land according to the listing on RE/MAX North Professionals and boasts a 6,124 square-foot print.

That’s a lot of living space, but might be just perfect for a big, extended family!

Not surprisingly, this kind of style and size doesn’t come at a bargain price.

The home’s listing price has been reduced to $1.8 million, which certainly doesn’t make it friendly to just anyone’s budget.

Still, you certainly get plenty of bang for your buck.

The hefty price tag make sense when you factor in the architectural details, such as Venetian plaster walls, English tile, stained glass, hand-finished beeswax-polished woodwork, custom lighting, an AGA stove, and radiant heat.

The home is positively packed with fascinating historic details and modern conveniences. It’s an alluring combination.

The aesthetics are definitely authentically Victorian, but it’s equipped with plenty of modern amenities.

Stainless steel appliances, as well as a gym and a sauna in the basement, are just a few features that make this a luxury-living home.

Perhaps best of all, the property’s location provides gorgeous views of Hunger Mountain, so you can enjoy everything the scenic city has to offer.

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