People Enter Apartment That Was Untouched Since 1939 Only To Find A Huge Surprise Inside

When the Nazis marched on Paris in 1939, many of people fled their homes and headed south. The vast majority of these families would never see their houses and belongings again, their family memories lost to the ravages of World War II.

But now, decades later, one family has been given the opportunity to reclaim their home and legacy. Years after her passing, the family of Madame De Florian discovered that she been paying rent on the very same Paris apartment that she had fled when she was young.

Someone was immediately sent to inspect the property, and what they found shook them to the core. It might just change the way that people think about history…

Madame de Florian was just 23 years old when she fled her Paris home in 1939. Few people would ever want to leave their home, but these were some extreme and desperate circumstances that left her with no choice.The German military, under Nazi rule, was advancing upon the city, so many Parisians, including Madame de Florian, had no choice but to leave everything behind and quickly find somewhere safer to live.Madame de Florian luckily made her new home in the free zone outside of Nazi-occupied France, but she never returned to her old apartment ever again. It must have seemed like no one would ever go back there…



It wasn’t until Madame De Florian’s death in 2010 that her family discovered that she had still been paying rent on the apartment her entire life. With that in mind, the family was still technically entitled to it.